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Web Indexing    $99

The first step in gaining site traffic is to have your site indexed across the web. Our simple one time purchase indexing service will make sure you are reachable on Google, Bing and 120+ other search engines. Verifiable results in as little as 72 hours.

Web Indexing +
SEO Auditing $149

If you select this service, in addition to Web indexing, one of our team members will do a quick 2 hour dive into your site and its construction and layout. We will supply valuable tips and feedback on how to improve functionality and conversions. Timeframe - job completed within 5 business days.

Website SEO  $199

Our team will optimize your website using correct White Hat methods to attract the most organic visitors and assist in supplying solid backlinks and associations with your site which will greatly boost site legitimacy and conversion rate. If you are an ecommerce business, this is crucial to profit margins. Timeframe - Job completion within 1 week.

We have streamlined our services to make the ordering process quick and hassle free. Our team is available to answer any questions via email during normal business hours M-F 8:00AM - 6:00 PM CST.


Get To Know Us

Savage Traffic is made up of people who are passionate about all things tech. 

Our main goal is to provide services which easily and effectively address the needs and concerns of ecommerce businesses and Web personalities. 

Our professionals collectively have over 25+ years of Web and SEO expertise and we utilize all modern SEO techniques to broaden your online presence and cut through the noise of the net. There are over 300 million active websites in existence today. Every single one of them are competing for attention, influence and revenue. 

It's no longer enough to launch a site and simply hope for success. It doesn't work. 


What does enable you to be noticed is to have a site that is indexed across the entire spectrum of internet search engines and is optimized for visibility. 


Our full range of solutions are offered and explained in the services section. 


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